CODAR SeaSonde HF Radars in Canada

CODAR HF radars, also called “SeaSondes”, detect and monitor synoptic surface currents and certain wave parameters. They are located entirely onshore.

CODAR SeaSonde HF radars meet various operational and research needs. The long-range model transmits the furthest offshore, between 150 and 200 km. The near shore model provides the highest spatial resolution – as fine as a few hundred meters. Unlike a current meter deployed in the water column, CODAR SeaSondes provide a synoptic (i.e. wide area) view, which displays continuously and automatically as a map of surface currents. They are used for search and rescue operations, oil spill response, coastal navigation, near shore engineering projects and environmental modeling.

As each CODAR SeaSonde HF radar is connected to the internet, data is transferred back to the user automatically. This connection also facilitates remote monitoring, operation and maintenance. If desired, you can even monitor a CODAR from an iPhone. CODARs are also unique in that they use a patented GPS timing technique that permits an entire network of SeaSondes to operate simultaneously at the same transmission frequency.

In Canada, OEA Technologies provides sales and technical support services for all models of CODAR Seasondes, including site selection, network analysis, installation, operational monitoring and maintenance.

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