Pro Oceanus CO2 Sensors

Marine monitoring for climate change adapation

Gases In Seawater

OEA technologies distributes Pro-Oceanus in situ gas sensors throughout the Caribbean region, in support of climate change, coral bleaching, ocean governance, and offshore oil and gas programmes. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

What Gases Do These Sensors Detect?

Pro-Oceanus is renowned for developing sensors that measure pCO2. Its GTD sensors measure the sum of the partial pressures of all gases dissolved in water. In most waters, N2 and O2 are by far dominant among these, thus, if oxygen is measured independently, then nitrogen can be estimated from total partial pressures. Sensors are available for depths up to 1000 meters. Pro-Oceanus also facilitates offshore oil and gas operations with its in situ methane, hydrogen sulphide and total dissolved gas sensors.

Check out the book A Sense of the Sea

According to ocean observing specialist Dr. Brian G. Whitehouse, the common view of the sea is based on perception, not fact.

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