OEA Technologies to Refurbish CODAR SeaSondes
Conducted an HF radar site survey and CODAR long-range refurbishment program for DRDC Atlantic.
VENUS adds CODARs to Ocean Observatory
The University of Victoria’s VENUS coastal ocean observatory is expanding its ocean observing network with technology provided by OEA Technologies Incorporated, Halifax.
Ocean intelligence in the Maritime Battlespace: The role of Spaceborne Sensors and HF Radar
Developed a Spaceborne Ocean Intelligence Network (SOIN) for the Royal Canadian Navy.
Akoostix & OEA Technologies Team on HF Radar
OEA Technologies Inc. and Akoostix Inc. have formed a cooperative alliance in pursuit of military and homeland security applications of CODAR SeaSonde HF radar data.

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According to ocean observing specialist Dr. Brian G. Whitehouse, the common view of the sea is based on perception, not fact.

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