Caribbean Climate Change and Coral Bleaching


Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. (PSI) and OEA Technologies Inc. have formed a partnership to co-operatively address climate change and coral health issues in coastal zones of the Caribbean Sea. Pro-Oceanus’ in situ gas sensors measure the concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide, a key parameter in research programs pertaining to climate change and the effects of pH on the health of coral reefs. When these environmental parameters are monitored in combination with sea surface temperature ( SST ), which OEA addresses with ocean observing satellite sensors, research and coastal monitoring agencies gain valuable insight into the potential for coral bleaching and other detrimental influences upon reef habitats.

PSI also manufactures a total dissolved gas sensor, which when used in conjunction with independent measurements of dissolved oxygen provides insight into biological productivity in reef and other coastal environments.

With this partnership, OEA Technologies becomes Pro-Oceanus’ exclusive representative throughout the Caribbean. “We at Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. are very pleased with our new partnership in the Caribbean with OEA Technologies Inc.  This is exciting for us because OEA has a strong presence in the Caribbean, and this region has great potential for our environmental and industrial lines of sensors”, said Dr. Bruce Johnson, president of Pro-Oceanus.

Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, is an international leader in aquatic dissolved gas sensors. In addition to its line of pCO2 and total gas sensors, the company manufactures in situ methane and hydrogen sulfide sensors, which facilitate offshore oil and gas exploration and production operations.

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